About Us

Metaglossia has been carefully and purposely designed by a group of experienced translational communication professionals as an eye-opening and thought-provoking one-stop shop. Most importantly, it is seen as an empowerment and networking tool at the service of professional practice as well as learning, teaching and research in translation, interpreting, terminology, lexicography and intercultural communication across Africa… and far beyond. Metaglossia is committed to the idea that all these areas are closely interrelated, especially so within the African context which is generally characterised by multilingualism and multiculturalism.

Through its Metaglossia Newslinks portal, it provides updates and, sometimes, mind-tickling information to which readers are free to react by sending in comments and rejoinders. English is the main interface language; however, posts and articles are currently welcome in other official languages of Africa, including Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili. And, naturally, reflections on translation, interpreting, lexicography, terminology and intercultural communication involving any of the other 2000 or so languages of Africa remain a top priority.

Above all, Metaglossia and its Newslinks pages pay particular attention to the needs of students and budding practitioners as well as those of teachers, researchers and experienced professionals, based on a regular observation of current developments and an assessment of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Metaglossia and Metaglossia Newslinks specifically aims to:

  • promote an exchange of relevant views, experience and information;
  • advise on training and research opportunities;
  • advise student translators, interpreters, terminologists and lexicographers on available opportunities and avenues in regard to documentation, resource persons and institutions, etc. and thus accompany them throughout training;
  • advise on job opportunities and new vacancies;
  • advise researchers and practitioners on events and developments in the field;
  • raise awareness of models which may be worth emulating;
  • foster highly professional and properly informed practice.

Besides, Metaglossia is committed to encouraging high quality publications, notably through free-access, peer-reviewed journals, namely:

Your contributions and comments are most welcome, especially as they shall help us serve you everyday better. Email your articles or posts to metaglossiacontributions@gmail.com. Meanwhile, comments may be entered directly below each post or page.

Charles Tiayon

(English, French, Spanish, Mbafung (Ngombale), Ngiemboon),
Lecturer and researcher in Translation Studies, Terminology and Lexicography,
Interim CEO and Manager